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From the President- Don Carter

By October 9, 2017No Comments

Don Carter- NANPA President

I was reading a thread on a well-known photography website about a landowner shutting down photography on his lands. Why? The story presents two sides but no one really knows why the property is off limits except the owner but are we sometimes guilty of bad or less than courteous behavior? I have seen photographers ignore railway no trespassing signs at Bosque to photograph early morning cranes on a wonderfully located pond, and the pond was drained as the result of these trespasses. Many have seen the chaos that occurs at the Oxbow Bend Overlook during the fall with photographers failing to act in a courteous manner. I could go on and on about these types of stories, and we have all experienced such actions by others and maybe we have been less than courteous ourselves.

As reminders to all of us, NANPA has published a number of position statements that offer suggestions on being ethical citizens of the photo community. From the NANPA website:

As a leader in the field of nature photography and environmental issues, NANPA occasionally issues statements describing the organization’s position on critical issues. These statements are approved by the Board of Directors and published to major media outlets and field locations. The board recognizes that an individual’s concept of ethical behavior and feelings about the environment are very personal. Consequently, NANPA may issue guidelines and suggestions in these two areas but will in no way attempt to dictate policies either to members or nonmembers.

The position statements are on the following: Ethical Field Practices, Truth in Captioning, an Environmental statement and one on Access to Public Lands. We should all review these statements every now and then, as they will help keep us all thinking about our own positions on these issues.

Registration for the Jackson Nature Celebration opens November 1. When you review the schedule, notice the vendors who will be lending gear to registered participants for use in the field. So far we have Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Panasonic, and Olympus. Hunt’s Photo and Video will be there for anyone who just can’t wait to buy that new gear. In addition, we have a terrific trio of keynote speakers; Rick Sammon, sponsored by Canon, Dan Cox, sponsored by Panasonic, and Henry Holdsworth, sponsored by Nature’s Best Photography.

Everyone is going to need to need to practice with their smart phones for this conference. We will be using an app, entitled Sched. All of the celebration information and announcements will be made via this phone app. You can expect to see announcements from fellow photographers going to photograph around Jackson and the Tetons, speaker schedules, vendor information, and other “pop-up” gatherings. Another event planned after the keynote on Monday is a gallery tour sponsored by Nature’s Best Photography at Tom Mangelsen’s Visions of Nature and Henry Holdsworth’s Wild by Nature photo galleries. Refreshment will be served.

Read all about the Nature Celebration event at:

Don Carter
NANPA President