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Reflections from a Janie Moore Greene Grant Recipient

By October 6, 2017No Comments

Story and photographs by Jiayu Su


Jiayu Su

It has been such a great opportunity for me to study in the United States during the past year and a great chance to learn about the geographical environment of western America, especially the Yellowstone area. It’s a huge difference compared to where I am from back in China. Nature and wildlife are an important part of our daily lives and they draw my attention to how those things affect us and how human activities influence them.

© Jiayu Su

I am a Photographic Communication Program student studying at Northwest College, Powell, Wyoming. Studying photography has opened my eyes to see what the world looks like. In the classes, I have learned not only basic skills for using camera equipment and photography techniques, but how I can make images to help people enjoy my work, which requires me to go out and take pictures, and take pictures, and then take pictures! It comes from lots of practice and self-reflection. I am so glad that I have a good photography program in my school and great instructors to guide me on this photography journey. I am so grateful that I have received the 2016 Janie Moore Greene Grant from the NANPA Foundation which has been a big support for my photography education.

In the past year, I have had lots of chances to get to know NANPA and the work it has done for promoting nature and wildlife. There are so many opportunities for me to learn from the professional photographers in the association and it provides me a platform to learn and grow.

I am so excited to keep going on and completing my education here in the United States. Also, I am looking forward to further activities from NANPA and to gain more experience for my future career.

© Jiayu Su

Applications for the $1,000 2017 Janie Moore Greene Grant are being accepted until October 31st. Apply today!

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