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Nature Photography Education- Survey

By February 1, 2017No Comments

We’d like your help by completing a short survey about the education you seek as a nature photographer – regardless of your level of photography. The survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. This is for all nature photographers who seek out some sort of education to improve their photography skills. Please follow this link to take the survey by February 17th.

Nature Photography Education Survey Link

Background NANPA members are interested in education – learning about how to make better photographs and learning to improve their photography business.  But we don’t have a lot of facts about the market for nature photography education, so we’d like your help.

What do we mean by nature photography education?  We are referring to workshops, photo tours, seminars, and webinars – free and paid – focused on the genre of nature photography and the business of nature photography. How will this information be used? A summary of the results will be made available to NANPA and nature photography professionals who will use the information to shape their workshops, photo tours, seminars and webinars to better fit the needs of the market.  If you provide nature photography education, we urge you to share this survey with your audience via email, Facebook, blogs, and other appropriate channels.  The results of this survey will be published and made available for NANPA members.

If you have questions about the survey or the results, contact Teresa Ransdell, NANPA membership coordinator, at