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Pre-Order NANPA Expressions 2017

By December 16, 2016No Comments

2017showcasecollectionpromoComing soon…NANPA Expressions 2017

 NANPA Expressions 2017 highlights the top 250 photographs from the 2017 NANPA Showcase competition. This high-quality, printed, perfect-bound journal displays the very best photographs selected from thousands of submissions by a jury panel of industry professionals.

Images are arranged by submission categories: Mammals, Birds, Scapes, Macro/Micro, Altered Reality

Pre-order price: $25

After 1/6/17: $32

Pre-order your printed copy today.

Congratulation to these outstanding nature photographers who will appear in Expressions 2017.

Barbara Adams

Maureen Allen

Ken Archer

Sandy Ashley

Hector Astorga

Aaron Baggenstos

Madeleine Barbara

Steven Barger

Cissy Beasley

Ann Beisser

Rick Beldegreen

John Benet

Ronald Bielefeld

Bonnie Block

Steve Bly

Joel Boches

Emmitt Booher

Barry Brown

Jim Brown

Mark Buckler

Chet Burgess

Stan Bysshe

Alice Cahill

Bob Canepa

Lance Carter

Janice Champion

John Chaney

Nate Chappell

Johnny Chen

Michael Cohen

Cindy Cone

Sean Crane

Jo Ann Crebbin

Christine Crosby

Richard Day

Ron Day

Jacqueline Deely

Rick Derevan

Cathy DesRochers

David DesRochers

Owen Deutsch

Ursula Dubrick

Greg Duncan

Donna Eaton

Nancy Elwood

Christina Evans

George Feehan

Bruce Finocchio

Barbara Fleming

Alfred Forns

Fabiola Forns

Lea Foster

David Francis

Tony Frank

Ian Frazier

Guido Frazzini

Ann Gillis

Stuart Gordon

Mary Lou Graham

Don Grall

Richard Green

Carol Grenier

Mildred Grimes

Daniel Grove

Erik Hagstrom

Bruce Haley

Joyce Harman

Cathy Hart

Mark Hayward

Arash Hazeghi

Thomas Horton

Ruth Hoyt

Trixi Huish

Allyson Hurley

David Johnston

Wendy Kaveney

Mark Kelley

Lori Kincaid

Shirley Kleppe

Bill Klipp

Ben Knoot

Adel Korkor

Judy Kramer

Andrew Lerman

Andy Lerner

William Lewis

Peter Lik

Lynn Long

Rodney Lough, Jr.

Mary Lundeberg

Melody Lytle

William MacFarland

Judith Malloch

Amy Marques

Diane McAllister

Rick McEwan

Shayne McGuire

Wendy McIntosh

Stacey Meanwell

Constance Mier

Michael Milicia

Stephanie Newkirk

Arn Orson

Ann Pacheco

Myrna Paige

Jeff Parker

Judd Patterson

Dee Ann Pederson

Holly Peskin

Patrick Pevey

William Pohley

Martin Pomphrey

Mark Preu

Donald Quintana

Mary Louise Ravese

Marie Read

Brad Reed

Scott Reither

Sandy Richards

Robert Rommel

Sandra Rothenberg

Fi Rust

Ron Santini

Grace Scalzo

Geoffrey Schmid

Rona Schwarz

Jane Scott Norris

Deborah Seibly

Michael Shane

Indranil Sircar

Sandy Sisti

Scott Smorra

Bruce Straits

Brenda Tharp

John Trone

Debbie Tubridy

Greg Vaughn

Sharon Wada

Mike Walker

Mary Wang

Jennifer Leigh Warner

Bob Watson

James White

Deborah Winchester

Sue Wolfe

Jeremy Woodhouse

David Young