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fStop Foundation Supports NANPA’s High School Program

By November 18, 2016No Comments


As it looks toward its first birthday, the fStop Foundation has been giving AND getting gifts that are making a difference in nature.

The fStop Foundation was formed in December of 2015 to create a positive effect in conservation by creating awareness through the use of photography. One of the ways they effect change is through education – and particularly educating young people.

The NANPA Foundation has been a recipient of one of their gifts as the fStop Foundation has granted $15,000 over the next three years to support NANPA’s high school photography program.

The fStop Foundation has also helped the Yellowstone Association – the educational arm of Yellowstone National Park – by donating camera equipment and printers for Yellowstone Association’s My Yellowstone Adventure and Yellowstone for Families programs.

Their commitment to educating youth doesn’t end there, though. The fStop Foundation also organizes Meetup events for students at Miami-area schools that have already shown an interest in photography. Their program encourages those students to aim their cameras outside for photography. They also weave in information that helps the students see what the environment really is and how they fit into it. These methods are part of the fStop Foundation’s work to effect long-term change in our environment.

The NANPA Foundation is pleased to have the fStop Foundation’s support for NANPA’s high school program and looks forward to collaborating to help positively impact both organizations’ missions.

To give your support to the NANPA Foundation’s campaign to fund the high school program, visit

For more information on the fStop Foundation, you can find them online at