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Give $10. Change a Life.

By October 11, 2016No Comments

foundationfinalIt’s $10.

Ten dollars is what the NANPA Foundation is asking each NANPA member to contribute along with his/her NANPA membership renewal.

It doesn’t sound like much, but when pooled together, the multiple $10 contributions can change lives:

  • Lives of college students participating in the NANPA Summit College Photography program which has been described as a “transformative experience” that can “completely alter” a chosen career path
  • Lives of wildlife by protecting their habitats through the building of photo blinds in public, natural areas
  • Lives of high school students who learn about nature photography and how it can be used to make a difference in their own backyards
  • Lives of nature photographers receiving a Philip Hyde Grant to help with their work in improving, protecting and preserving the environment
  • Lives of other nature photographers in ways the Foundation has only begun to explore as potential programs to support

The Foundation’s Fund the Foundation campaign is an ask for a $10 (or other amount you a comfortable with) tax-deductible contribution that goes to support the Foundation and its many programs and awards.

Your gift of just $10 can make a big impact on the lives of other nature photographers – and tomorrow’s nature photographers – as well as a big impact on the NANPA Foundation.

To give before your NANPA membership is up for renewal, or in addition to a gift at renewal time, go to the Foundation’s website.

Help Fund the Foundation with your $10 gift today!