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VOLUNTEER: Susanna Euston

By September 27, 2016No Comments

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Susanna Euston is a fine art photographer. In addition to classical landscape images, she explores nature from a point of view that often uses techniques such as intentional camera movement (ICM) (where she moves the camera during exposure), macro or closeup, and infrared. Her goal is to evoke a sense of the energy in a scene, in a tree or flower; or perhaps its movement in the breeze; or to view its radiance up close through a veil of light. Photographing nature in unique ways, whether as an “intimate landscape” or a closeup, is her focus and delight. Susanna’s work is in galleries and exhibitions. She has been published in LensWork magazine, and she is teaching an eight-week course, “Creative Composition in Photography,” which began on September 21 and runs through November 9, at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Do you have a “day” job? What do you do?

I am a full-time, fine-art landscape (classical and abstract) photographer.

How have you been involved in NANPA?

I’ve participated in the NANPA MeetUp program since its inception.

What NANPA responsibilities have you assumed?

I volunteered a couple of years ago to facilitate the Western North Carolina NANPA MeetUp group. It’s been great fun, and we’ve slowly been growing a wonderful core group of dedicated members.

Do you feel you have learned something from your volunteering? Explain.

Absolutely. As a NANPA MeetUp coordinator, I’ve grown in my appreciation of the group’s ability to guide our activities. Each month the next month’s meeting is planned, usually in three parts, not necessarily related to one another. A critique theme is chosen, a member volunteers to share his/her portfolio, and we discuss possible subject areas for a tutorial.

One of the advanced or professional members will generally prepare a demonstration or slideshow on camera or post-processing techniques such as Lightroom, Photoshop or a plug-in (NIK, Topaz, etc.). We’re fortunate to have many fine photographers in this region, so we also have special presentations from time to time.

At the meetings most members of the group participate in the critique, which is helpful to us all on our individual journeys. The portfolio presentations are a great opportunity to see each other’s’ work. And we add to our photography “tool kits” through the demonstrations.

How long have you been a NANPA member?

I first became a member in 2005.

Do you have a goal as it pertains to NANPA?

I would like to be an effective advocate for NANPA in general. I’m enjoying the MeetUp program, and I feel that local participation is more doable for me right now.