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© Lee Hoy took this self-portrait at about 3:30 a.m., Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park.

© Lee Hoy took this self-portrait at about 3:30 a.m., Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park.

Lee Hoy says his life’s journey has been full of adventure and change, but one thing has never wavered and that is his passion and love for wildlife and nature. “There is nothing greater than standing under the Milky Way in Big Bend National Park,” he says, “or watching sharp-tailed grouse on the lek in the Badlands.” Hoy’s first photographic subject was a bison at Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. Hoy became serious about photography in 1989.

Hoy has a B.A. in Geography and a M.S. in Regional City & Planning from the University of Oklahoma; as well as a Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Seminary, Texas. He has been a transportation planner in Rapid City, South Dakota, and a pastor for 13 years. In addition to being a serious photographer since 1989, Hoy currently works as supervisor of the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center in Langtry, Texas, about 60 miles from his residence in Sanderson.

Do you have a “day” job?

Yes. I am supervisor at the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center in Langtry, Texas.

How have you been involved in NANPA?

I moderate the NANPA Facebook Group,, and I’m a member of the Marketing/Communications Committee.

What have you been able to accomplish?

I think the best thing has been seeing the Facebook page add 5,695 members since we started on December 13, 2014. Out of that number, we rarely have inappropriate or problematic posts because I closely examine all membership requests. I want the group to focus on nature photography and not be bombarded with spam, offensive material or off-topic issues.

Do you feel you have learned something from your volunteer work with NANPA? Explain.

Yes, the variety of life from which nature photographers originate. In addition, you realize that most people just want to share their photography with others. We enjoy those moments we capture on film and want others to share that joy.

How long have you been a NANPA member?

I joined in September 2013 so I could attend the Laredo, Texas, regional event.

Do you have a goal as it pertains to NANPA?

My goal is to work with NANPA in whatever capacity I can to help it grow. I am impressed with the leadership, staff and dedication of both. I think nature photography is one of the greatest opportunities for future conservation of wildlife and wild areas because the more people are interested in nature photography, the more they will want to ensure the preservation of nature.