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VOLUNTEER: Richard Perkins

By May 27, 2016No Comments

Perkins-DickRichard (Dick) Perkins has been a practicing physician and educator (specializing in at-risk pregnancies) for some 50 years. He has been taking nature and travel photographs even longer, since he started as a child. Dick’s demanding medical career has limited the time he can spend outdoors photographing nature, yet he has been an award-winning, part-time professional photographer for the past 20 years. Dick’s subjects of interest include closeups, landscapes, plants and wildlife.

Do you have a “day” job? What do you do?

I am a physician working as a consultant and advisor regarding high-risk pregnancy, planned and ongoing. It has been my love since I finished my training in 1971. The demands of this type of employment, both academic and private, have seriously interfered with my involvement in NANPA and photography in general.

When the right side of my brain starts screaming for equal time, that’s where I go. I view my photography as a way of escaping my left brain, where I am obliged to spend most of my time, and taking respite in my right cortex where creativity thrives. And besides, it is unredoubtable proof of the fallacy that I am never in my right mind.

How have you been involved in NANPA? What have you been able to accomplish?

I have been a NANPA member uninterrupted since December 1994, and involved since the first Summit in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1995. I helped with the print display setup and showing at the 1996 San Diego Summit and chaired the 1997 Summit held in Corpus Christi. I led the organizational aspects of the Summit in Las Vegas in 2001 and chaired the meeting.

In Las Vegas, I organized the first overnight post-Summit trip for NANPA—to Death Valley. Catching the place, especially the dunes, was magical at day’s extremes. Of course, it could not have happened without the other volunteers and the staff from the Resource Center who kept the trip running smoothly and seamlessly.

What NANPA responsibilities have you assumed?

I was on the Board of Directors for three years and though never on committees, I have always supported the activity to the best of my time availability and my skills.

How long have you been a NANPA member?

It will be 22 years in December. I missed only one Summit, the last one, due to family illness, but I am and will always be there in spirit and when possible in body as well.

Do you have a goal as it pertains to NANPA?

Someday after the dust settles on my work, and before it settles permanently on me, I want to make at least one more significant contribution to events or intents that are to occur. Soon, I hope. Before I am too old to do or remember.