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Buddy…Can You Spare Some Time?

By May 11, 2016No Comments

Story by Teresa Ransdell

Did you get a raise in 2015? If you volunteered for a nonprofit organization, you did…sort of.

In 2015, the value of volunteer time rose 49 cents to $23.56/hour.*

I’m sure your wallet is feeling heavier just hearing about this increase!

NANPA wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for the thousands and thousands of hours that have been dedicated to the organization by members like you. We truly can’t thank you enough and we certainly value your time at a rate much higher than $24/hour.

“Every committee and team I’ve worked on has put me in contact with wonderful photographers, editors and vendors. Most of the contacts in my business have come from work I’ve done with NANPA.” – Kathy Adams Clark, Summit Program Chair

Volunteering isn’t just beneficial for NANPA, though. You, as a volunteer, can also reap the rewards of volunteering. Sharing even a little of your spare time provides the opportunity to:

• Affiliate with the brightest and most influential in nature photography

• Raise your profile among your peers and potential future employers (or workshop/tour clients)

• Expand and deepen relationships in your professional network

• Exert influence over the future of NANPA and nature photography

• Give back to NANPA and nature photography

NANPA is growing and has more on its plate than ever before. And that means we can use your help. NANPA has a number of opportunities allowing you to get involved in the organization. Some of these volunteer roles are for committees that are ongoing and meet on a regular basis, but many times we have a number of short-term opportunities that don’t require a huge time commitment. Some of the current positions don’t require meeting at all…just doing a little Internet research for us when you have time.

Can You Spare Some Time?

Take a look at the roles we are currently looking to fill with volunteer help.

Maybe you don’t see a good fit for you. If not, fill out our online volunteer form and tell us how you are interested in helping and the skills that you can bring. We’ll touch base with you when we have a project that meets your interests and skills.

Think Creatively About How You Can Help

Getting involved in NANPA can take on a variety of forms. The traditional volunteer roles may not be for everyone. Consider these other ways to get involved with NANPA:

Submit a blog post

Join a NANPA Meetup Group (or offer to start a Meetup group in your area or lead an event for an existing Meetup Group)

Enter the Showcase Competition – It’s not too early to start picking the photos you’ll enter in the competition August

♦ Participate in the NANPA Facebook Group

♦ Propose a Regional Event

Donate to the NANPA Foundation

♦ Apply for a Scholarship or Grant

Meet NANPA Volunteers

As I said before, NANPA wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our volunteers. Browse the list of our current volunteers and consider adding your name to the list!


*”The value of volunteer time is based on the hourly earnings (approximated from yearly values) of all production and non-supervisory workers on private non-farm payrolls average (based on yearly earnings provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) for the national average.” – – Independent Sector,  

Teresa Ransdell is NANPA’s Membership Coordinator. For any questions or comments, you can reach her at