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VOLUNTEER: William Jaynes

By February 22, 2015No Comments

Bill-JAYNES-pikFor 11 years Bill Jaynes managed the Inner Reflections engagement calendar, which specializes in publishing superlative nature photography. During those years, many of the best nature photographers in the world said that each year Inner Reflections set the standard for nature photography. The Calendar Marketing Association has stated that Inner Reflections won more gold, silver and bronze awards in its annual competitions than any other calendar in its history. This includes all types of calendars from around the world. In 2006 alone, Inner Reflections won four gold and four silver CMA awards.

Bill has given generously of his time to NANPA by doing portfolio reviews, judging the Showcase competition and sharing his expertise in writing and editing as an integral part of the Communications Committee. He received a Fellows Award at the 2003 Summit for “…outstanding contributions to the field of nature photography.”

Do you have a “day” job? What do you do?

In 2007 I began a new day job when NANPA member Danita Delimont and I reached an agreement on my becoming a subagent with her stock photo agency. The Jaynes Gallery was born as a part of the Danita Delimont Stock Photography website, I then began signing four-year contracts with photographers who I knew from my association with NANPA and my years managing the Inner Reflections nature calendar. As a result, I now have two dozen photographers under contract, and the Jaynes Gallery has grown to more than 15,000 images. Although many of these are nature images, the gallery has a wide variety of photographs from travel to sports. It’s a wonder I’m not blind, because between scouring the internet each year for outstanding Inner Reflections images and my work on the Jaynes Gallery, I’ve literally reviewed millions of images.

What NANPA committees have you served on and what responsibilities have you assumed?

I have been an active member on the Communications Committee for more than ten years, working on Expressions and NANPA eNews (and, earlier, Currents and Ripples). After I began the Jaynes Gallery, I volunteered to help edit and write copy for other NANPA publications and projects that come up from time to time, such as the 2015 Summit program.

What was it about this that interested you?

I have an English, liberal arts, journalism, writing and education background, and during my career I have been involved with various types of publications and editorial work. So it was a natural move as a volunteer to help NANPA with its editorial needs.

What are the highlights thus far of what you have done for NANPA?

When I managed the Inner Reflections nature calendar, NANPA asked me to become a portfolio reviewer at the Summits, which I did for five years. During that time I also was asked to be one of three judges for NANPA’s annual Showcase competition, and I did this for two years. I have been an active member of the Communications Committee for more than ten years. The highlight of these pursuits was being honored with a Fellows Award at the 2003 NANPA Summit.

How long have you been a NANPA member?

I was a NANPA member during the time I managed the Inner Reflections calendar, and I am a member now. At the Summits I met wonderful people, many of whom submitted images to the calendar. So I was in contact with numerous NANPA members during the year and really enjoyed seeing them again at the Summits. Of course, I looked forward to seeing their new images as well. NANPA obviously has been a significant help to me over the years, and I’ve tried to give back as much as I can.

Do you have a goal as it pertains to NANPA?

I intend to continue my volunteer work as long as NANPA finds it useful.