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NANPA Roadshow: What Makes Indelible Images? (Hawaii)

By September 1, 2014No Comments
Pahoehoe Kahena

Pahoehoe Kahena by Scott Mead

As a professional nature photographer, one of the things I truly enjoy is fielding questions at my weekly shows and photo workshops. Of all the questions I receive (including email and social media), the two most frequent are:

“How do you create iconic images?” and “How do you choose the right paper to print your images on?”

While these two subjects may seem to lie at opposite ends of the process spectrum, they are actually intertwined: How the image is created has a direct effect on how it’s best presented, and how you present it can make or break the image.

In judging photography competitions, I’ve often seen good images with fatal flaws that kept them from being great – their creators may not have understood the critical nuances of light or may have been heavy-handed in their processing or printing on (gasp) copier paper. In nearly all cases, a subtle tweak or a different perspective would have taken the image from ordinary to extraordinary.

With that in mind, I’ll be hosting a North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Road Show on Saturday, October 11, 2014, at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center in the heart of Maui. The class is sponsored by Hahnemühle FineArt and Canon Image PROGRAF. I’ll be teaching the tools and techniques of crafting indelible images, editing for emphasis, choosing the right Hahnemühle papers to present them with the most impact, and finishing options that add drama, value and maximize your profit. At the end of this full-day event, you’ll leave with the knowledge to help you create your own iconic images.

Space is filling quickly, and the class is limited to only 50 attendees. The cost is $99 for NANPA members, $129 for non-members and $110 for camera club members in groups of four or more. Signing up is easy at: So come join me for a fun and exciting day, as we get you on the road to creating your own indelible images.

Fine-art nature photographer, Scott Mead, literally grew up with a camera in hand and lava-toughened feet, shooting the wonderment of Hawaii since 1975. His images have appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Hawaii Magazine, Maui No Ka Oi, Motor Trend, Automotive Traveler, Auto Week, CAR, and Truck Trend. He is the author of The Magic of Maui – Ka Makahehi o Maui, and has contributed to numerous books and online magazines. A Hahnemüle FineArt artist in residence and Certified Studio, Mead is a virtuoso at the use and manipulation of light, as he carefully selects his subjects and locations to optimize the ever-changing luminosity and atmospheric conditions that the Islands present. Tempered by patience and uncanny timing, his images depict an intense variation of light, fluidity and motion, capturing the pure essence and mana of Hawai’i through the lens.

Visit him online at

NaPali Puka by Scott Mead

NaPali Puka by Scott Mead

Image by Scott Mead

Image by Scott Mead