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Kathy Adams Clark, (c) Jon Holloway

Kathy Adams Clark, (c) Jon Holloway

Kathy Adams Clark is a professional nature photographer who runs the stock photo agency KAC Productions. Her photography has been published in many magazines, books and calendars, including six books she coauthored with her husband Gary Clark; the latest being Portrait of Houston (Farcountry Press, 2012), which was reviewed in “Bits & Pixels” in the Spring 2013 issue of Currents. She and Gary also produce a “Nature” column in the Houston Chronicle.

What is your “day” job?

I’m proud to say that I’m a full-time nature photographer. I left corporate America back in 1995 to pursue my love of photography. I started marketing the photos of several friends along with my own photos. That marketing effort has matured into a stock agency called KAC Productions. We market my photos and the work of 15 other photographers. I also teach photography, do a lot of public speaking, write and lead photo tours.

What committees have you served on, when, and what positions have you assumed?

There have been a lot of committee assignments over the years. I started on the Summit Committee back in 1997. I planned the trade show for several years then moved into the role of Summit Chair for many years. Back then, we had a Summit Committee that was made up of 20 or so people. I met a lot of wonderful people in the industry through all that volunteer work. In 2002, I helped create the Regional Events and started that committee. A few years later, I started the Road Shows and have headed that committee for years. Both the Regional Events and Road Shows are a way to showcase professional members while offering networking opportunities for general members.   I served on the NANPA board of directors from 2002 to 2009 with a year as president.

What were the responsibilities you assumed?

I’ve done everything on all the committees. Depending on the committee, I’ve directed other volunteers and done direct jobs. I’ve lined up speakers, written descriptions, developed procedures, made phone calls and always offered advice. I’ve done what needed to be done.

What were your greatest accomplishments or the highlights thus far of what you have done?

I’m very proud of the Regional Events and Road Shows. Those are wonderful programs that are up and running. Both benefit NANPA.

I’m proud that I led a team that filled all the booths at the trade show for the 1999 Summit in San Diego. We came close to filling all the booths at the Austin Summit in 2000, and while I thought Jane Kinne would fire me, instead she asked me to chair the Summit Committee.

My seven years on the board of directors were a great honor and I’m proud of the work we did at the time. Committee work is not about the individual but about the work accomplished. it’s been fun working with people to get things done and promote NANPA.

How long have you been a NANPA member, and how or why did you join the committee(s) you are on?

I’ve been a NANPA member since 1994.  Every committee and team I’ve worked on has put me in contact with wonderful photographers, editors and vendors. Most of the contacts in my business come from work I’ve done with NANPA.  Why do I join a committee? NANPA is my professional organization, it’s the connecting point for the nature photography community, and I want to be part of that community.

Editor’s Note: NANPA would be nothing without its unsung heroes, our committed volunteers. Many have been associated with NANPA for years and have worked for the organization in a variety of ways. This column focuses on a NANPA volunteer in each issue. If you know someone who should be included or wish to be included yourself, please email Sharon Cohen-Powers at

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