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An Editor’s Perspective: Photography by Kevin Barry

By December 13, 2013No Comments

Autumn wildflowers at sunrise


Images by Kevin Barry
Story and Gallery Edit By Miriam Stein

I’ve always been drawn to Kevin’s photography for two reasons. His use of light and exposure continuously evolves and I have enjoyed viewing the growth of complexity and intricacies of his imagery. Secondly, I appreciate that Kevin focuses his photography on Florida, his backyard. So often photographers concentrate on the exotic areas, taking expensive photo safaris, while missing the beauty that surrounds them at home.


About Kevin Barry:
Kevin Barry is an award-winning photographer and south Florida native who has traveled to numerous locations throughout the United States in search of the “great shot”. He specializes in wildlife and landscape photography and has for many years taken mainly traditional shots of his subjects, but more recently his photography has evolved to include many abstract and artistic images.

Kevin’s work is widely published and credits include such magazines as Birder’s World, Defenders, Florida Wildlife, Life, Natural History, Nature Conservancy, Popular Photography, and Texas Highways, and calendars by Audubon, BrownTrout, Mountain Trail Press, Teldon, and World Wildlife Fund.

While interested in traveling to the many nature photography hot spots throughout the United States and world, Kevin plans to focus mainly on his home state of Florida, producing photos that show the beauty of the state and hopefully inspiring others to care enough to want to save what remains of the “real” Florida. For more of Kevin’s work go to: