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38589_149805438366642_100000115616365_465028_150590_nNANPA would be nothing without its unsung heroes, our committed volunteers. Many have been associated with NANPA for years and have worked for the organization in a variety of ways. This column will focus on a NANPA volunteer in each issue. If you know someone who should be included or wish to be included yourself, please email

Miriam Stein not only has been working behind the scenes at NANPA for many years, but she was willing to answer our questions with exceedingly short notice.

1. What is your day job? I am a freelance photo editor, researching and targeting photos for books, magazines and websites, usually pertaining to nature. I also serve as a photo consultant to professional photographers, providing various services, including stock photography organization and color optimization.

2. What  NANPA committees have you served on, when, and what positions have you assumed?  I’ve been on the Environment, International and Awards committees, having recently taken the helm of the Awards Committee as chairperson.

3. What were the responsibilities you assumed?  I’ll be responsible for assuring that the Awards Committee has a selection of worthy nominees for awards as well as suggesting and vetting the nominees.

4. What were your greatest accomplishments or the highlights thus far of what you have done?  I’ve greatly enjoyed working with photographers of all levels during my many years of conducting portfolio reviews. Helping photographers achieve their goals has been rewarding and also sharpens my sense of how hard photographers work to make great images. As a member of the Awards Committee, my contributions have included raising awareness of the work of professional and emerging photographers. Because my work puts me in contact with so many photographers, it’s easy for me to be able to bring their work to the committee for consideration based on merit and accomplishment.

5. How long have you been a NANPA member and how or why did you join the committee(s) you are on?  I’ve actually been a NANPA member for about 15 years, since I was in college and well before becoming a photo editor. I first expressed interest in the Environment Committee because it fell in line with my studies of environmental policy. I later focused on the Awards Committee after being invited to join by a fellow conservation photo editor, Melissa Ryan of Nature Conservancy magazine.

Combining her conservation background with her photo professional skills, Miriam Stein has worked for nonprofits such as Conservation International, Smithsonian Ocean Initiative, The Nature Conservancy and National Geographic Society. Miriam enjoys contributing her time to a variety of initiatives and in addition to being a valued member of NANPA, she is also active in the American Society of Picture Professionals, founding affiliate to the International League of Conservation Photographers and a board advisor to the Sea Save. Miriam specializes in photo editing nature, travel, culture and educational projects. She is also a photographic retoucher and is currently available for contract work. Link:

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