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Showcase 2017 Competition

Showcase Rules

Only NANPA members may enter this competition. Please make sure that you renew your membership, if you have not already, or you may not be able to enter the competition. Renewals take place during normal office hours, so do not wait until the last minute to renew. Each NANPA member is entitled to one free entry. After that, there is an entry fee of $10 per image or enter 6 images for $50. There is no limit to the number of images a photographer may enter. All images will be judged and nearly $3,400 in prize money will be awarded.

To enter your photos, login to the Members' Area and click "Annual NANPA Showcase Competition."

Categories and Prizes:

  • Mammals - Includes all mammals, land and sea
  • Birds - Includes all birds
  • Scapes - Includes landscape, plantscape, seascape, atmosphere, weather, etc.
  • Macro, Micro, and All Other Wildlife - Includes images of non-bird, non-mammal wildlife as well as close-ups of any subject. Close ups are intimate views, tightly framed, or close examinations of subjects in nature.
  • Altered Reality - The image must obviously display a change in natural color, form, shape, or any combination of these. It must be enhanced or transformed beyond the way the subject appears in nature.

Entries in any category can include people interacting with or in the vicinity of the respective subject as long as they are not the primary interest.

Judges reserve the right to move an image to a more appropriate category, but it will not be their responsibility to do so.

Cash prizes will be given out for each of the five categories as follows:

  • $300 - Best of Show in each category
  • $200 - 1st runner up in each category
  • 5 Judge's Choice awards of $175 each will be given to images highly ranked by individual judges across all categories

Other recognition:

The Top 250 scoring images will appear in Expressions and on the website as follows:

  1. Top 100 images (which include the prize winners) will be featured on the NANPA home page throughout 2016.
  2. Top 250 images will appear in a searchable image gallery on the website and in Expressions

Winners and runners-up give permission to use their images in future NANPA promotions and publications, but they may opt out by checking off an opt-out box when they enter the competition.

Tips on selecting and preparing your images may be reviewed on our Showcase Tips page.

Please see the Showcase Q&A page for questions and answers about the Showcase.

Showcase Submission Rules

  1. Submit entries through the member's area on the NANPA website between August 1 and September 21 (11:00pm, (Eastern Time) 2016.

  2. Submissions must be finalized before the closing time, meaning - you should allow plenty of time for your uploads to be processed. Last minute entries may not make it in. Special Note: - if you have not renewed your membership yet, do so well before the submission deadline to avoid delays and exclusion from the contest.

  3. Each member may submit one free image. After that, the entry fee of $10 per image (or 6 images for $50) can be paid by credit card on the website or by mailing a check to NANPA. Images must be submitted and paid in groups of 6 to get the special rate (6 for $50, 12 for $100, etc.) There is no limit to the number of images a NANPA photographer may enter. Make checks payable to NANPA.

    New This Year - Since each member may submit one image for free, if that member chooses to submit 6 images at the usual cost of $50, he/she can add the 7th image for free! After that first submission, every 6 images will be $50.

  4. Each image must be entirely the work of the NANPA member submitting the image. Entrants under 18 years of age must also submit a release from a parent or guardian. Use this Parental Consent Form.

    Note to Joint Members: Each member in a Joint Membership has an individual login account for NANPA's website. You MUST login using your personal account to submit your images. Images are credited (and prizes are awarded) to the account submitting the images. NANPA is not responsible for incorrect attribution when photos are submitted under the wrong account.

  5. All judging will be done anonymously via the NANPA website. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality and photographic skill. The quality of the image file is critical, so be careful when using Photoshop or other enhancing tools. Many otherwise outstanding images are scored down because they are over saturated, over sharpened, off-color, or excessively manipulated.

  6. No names, watermarks, text, logos, borders or other identifying marks may appear on your images. Images with such marks will be disqualified without refund. Likewise no photographer names or identifying terms may appear in the text fields, such as Subject or Location.

  7. Photographs of animals in the wild are favored over those in controlled conditions. Images of game farm animals are not accepted. Game farms are defined as private for-profit operations whose primary income is generated from hiring out captive animals for photography, videography and filmmaking. Wild species of flora and fauna are preferred over domestic plants and animals. Entries must indicate wild or captive and "photo illustration", if the image warrants. See the NANPA Ethics Committee's Truth in Captioning statement for definitions of wild and captive. Entries that do not accurately reflect the subject matter and scene as it appeared when captured with the camera must be designated as Photo Illustration.

  8. Images appropriate for Showcase entries include nature subjects, people in nature and indigenous people. Other elements are acceptable, but these must be the primary subjects.

  9. Images submitted in previous Showcase competitions may be entered as long as they were not selected for the Showcase or journal (Top 250). Judging is subjective, so it is possible this year's judges may score images differently.

  10. NANPA may ask for additional information regarding images or circumstances of creating images before finalizing the results. The RAW or original file, or original slide or negative may be required for examination before finalizing an award. If requested, the source image and information must be provided within one week of notification or the contending image may be disqualified.

  11. Submission is not a guarantee of selection. All submitters will be notified of the reviewers' decisions by October 30th, whether or not their images are selected.

  12. Images must be in JPEG format, RGB or Grayscale mode, 104ppi, without watermarks, text, logos or other identifying marks. Color space should be sRGB. We cannot accept slides or prints.

  13. Image file size may not be greater than 800KB (819,200 bytes), so adjust your "quality" setting when saving as JPEG while preparing the images for submission. The longer side of your image must be exactly 1024 pixels. The shorter side may be any size up to and including 1024 pixels. Any image submitted that is larger than 1024 pixels will be automatically resized and you will be notified if this occurs.

  14. On the entry page, you will be required to check one or more image attributes and an image category to be used by the NANPA website search engine if your image is selected for the Top 250.

  15. By entering the contest, each entrant accepts the rules as stated and guarantees that all the information provided is correct and truthful. Entries not accurately represented or not abiding by contest rules will be disqualified. Refunds will not be given in case of disqualification. It is the entrant's responsibility to provide correct information including an accurate email address for notification. NANPA is not responsible for emails that are not received.

  16. NANPA assumes no responsibility for submissions. Winning entrants agree that NANPA has the right to use their photographs, without compensation, in Showcase 2017 on the NANPA website as well as in the journal Expressions. NANPA may also use the images for promoting future Showcases, journals, and competitions. The photographer also grants permission to NANPA to use the image(s) in other publications and promotions, unless he/she checks off the appropriate box on the online entry form.

  17. NANPA cannot provide technical assistance to help members prepare their images for submission. Not only does this represent a conflict of interest, but we are not familiar with all possible software that members might be using. If you are having problems, be sure to see our "Image Preparation Tips".

  18. Pay via credit card online or make checks payable to NANPA. Mail checks to:
      Attn: 2017 Showcase
      6382 Charleston Road
      Alma, IL 62807
    Sorry, but we cannot accept payment over the telephone.

  19. Proper credit will be attributed to images published on the website, in Expressions, or in promotional uses.

  20. All NANPA members will have access to the Expressions online flipbook. Additional printed copies are available for a fee via a link from the NANPA website.

Additional Rules for Winners

  1. If one or more of your images is selected in the top 250, you may be required to resubmit them in a larger size. If you are asked to resubmit images, please make sure they appear the same as the ones you submitted for the competition. If you sharpen your images, do so minimally - we will make sure all images are sharpened appropriately for print specification during production. Specifications are: TIFF format file, 300 dpi, up to 20MB file size, at approximately 5 x 7". Please do not crop your image to fit these dimensions, approximate sizes are more than suitable. Make sure that the file name of your image begins with your last name followed by a one-word description of your photo, i.e. Jones_lily. Do not put any symbols or long descriptions in your file name.

  2. Winning images should be uploaded via the NANPA website at the following address: If you cannot upload your image, a CD/DVD is acceptable. You will be notified by October 30th if your image makes it to this point and further information will be provided. CDs/DVDs should be mailed to Loupe Media, 509 Lincoln Blvd., Long Beach, NY 11561. They will not be returned.

  3. A matchprint of your image is helpful for our printers. If you can send an approximately 5" x 7" or 4" x 6" matchprint of your image, that would be appreciated. Send your non-returnable print to the above address at Loupe Media.

  4. Selected images will be used on a non-exclusive basis in Expressions. Making it past the first round does not guarantee placement in the Showcase.

  5. Preparing selected images for Expressions:
    • Include a separate text file with your image titles matched to their file names.
    • Flatten layers in all images
    • Make 16-bit images into 8-bit images
    • Keep image in proportion - don't crop it, about 2100 pixels on the long side by whatever works well
    • Color correct, but do NOT sharpen
    • You are agreeing to our terms of use by default. If you do not agree to the terms of use, please state that in a separate note.
    • File names must contain your last name and then a one word description of the photo - please, no symbols or long descriptions should be in your file name
    • You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your image once we download it - if you do not receive such a confirmation you may assume it never arrived and should be re-uploaded
    • Images must be received by December 1 to meet our publication deadline

  6. Cash prize winners will also be contacted by e-mail to supply a short write up about their winning image and a photo of themselves for publication in the Expressions.

To enter your photos, login to the Members' Area and click "Annual NANPA Showcase Competition."

For further information about Showcase 2017, contact Wendy Shattil:

For information about Expressions 2017, contact Sharon Cohen-Powers:

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