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NANPA Celebrates the 9th Annual Nature Photography Day

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June 15, 2014, Nature Photography Day

The ninth annual Nature Photography Day will be observed nationally on Sunday, June 15. This day was designated by NANPA to promote the enjoyment of nature photography, and to explain how images have been used to advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide.

In 2006, NANPA celebrated the first Nature Photography Day and placed it in McGraw-Hill's reference work, Chases's Calendar of Events. Many media and websites took notice. Since then, people throughout the North American continent--from overseas, too--have discovered numerous ways to observe and enjoy the day.

NANPA encourages people everywhere to enjoy the weekend by using a camera to explore the natural world. A backyard, park, or other place close by can be just right. Walking, hiking, and riding a bike to take photos are activities that don't lead to a carbon footprint. And fresh air can do wonders for the spirit!

Nature Photography Day Event

NANPA will be supporting Nature Photography Day by hosting a Facebook event page for your nature photos taken on June 15. Just get out there and take some photos, and then upload your best shot to the Nature Photography Day page. One photo per person, please.

You will need to have a Facebook account and you must "Attend" the Nature Photography Day Event. Facebook will accept photos up to 2048 pixels (on the long side), but these photos are downsized to 720 pixels for presentation with a link to the high-resolution version. So, unless you intend to make your high-resolution image available for public download, NANPA recommends you size your photo to 720 pixels on the long side before uploading.

This is not a contest, and no fee is charged for submission. Photos must be taken on June 15, 2014, within walking (or biking) distance of wherever you are. The time frame for uploads is June 15 through June 21.

Help Promote Nature Photography Day

Help us promote Nature Photography Day through local and national media, businesses, photography clubs, and word of mouth by sharing these audio and pdf materials:

Audio Announcements:

As in previous years, public service announcements (PSAs) have been recorded for release to radio stations and websites. Click one of the players below to hear or download this year's new PSAs.

30 second version: (Download MP3 file)

60 second version: (Download MP3 file)

Signage/PDF Flyer:

We also encourage business owners, camera stores, schools, and other organizations to post the following flyer announcing Nature Photography Day. This PDF document can be printed for onsite display or linked on your website:

Nature Photograpy Day Flyer

Upload your best shot to the Facebook event page for Nature Photography Day. Just click the button below and post directly to the event's wall for the world to see.

Nature Photography Day on Facebook

Celebrate Nature Photography Day!

Start making your plans for this year's Nature Photography Day! Here are some ideas:

  • Even before June 15, get inspired by reading about the work of naturalists as well as pioneers in nature photography.
  • Pick something that you've never photographed before, and then make plans to photograph that subject or scene every June 15.
  • Take your kids and grandkids on a nature trek, and show them how to photograph trees, flowers, birds, and more. Then print some of their photos and present them, in a mat or frame, to those young photographers.
  • Why not experiment? Look for something that detracts from the beauty in nature--images that show how human beings sometimes adversely affect our environment.
  • Finally, ask yourself how your images can help to bring positive changes to your world!

Got your own suggestions for celebrating Nature Photography Day? We want to hear them! Send your ideas to


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