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Board of Directors

It takes many people to maintain the inner workings of the association. Besides this list of dedicated management and staff, there are many active committees staffed by volunteers. If you are interested in a committee activity, please see the Committees page.

Also, board meeting minutes from recent board meetings are available below.

Title Name Location Board Term
Officers -
President *Gabby Salazar Bethesda, MD 2016
President-Elect *Sean Fitzgerald Dallas, TX 2017
Past-President *Bruce Haley Charleston, WV 2015
Treasurer *Bruce Haley Charleston, WV 2017

(Officers serve 1 year in office and 3 years on the Board)

Board Members -
  Clay Bolt Easley, SC 2017
  Jamie Konarski-Davidson Greenville, NC 2016
  Gary Farber Melrose, MA 2017
  Jack Graham Puyallup, WA 2017
  *Morgan Heim Boulder, CO 2017
  Ron Rosenstock Holden, MA 2016
  Budd Titlow Tallahasee, FL 2016

NANPA Foundation Board Liaisons
(Ex-Officio, Non-Voting) -
  Cindy Miller Hopkins
NANPA Foundation Co-President
Colorado Springs, CO  
  Dee Ann Pederson
NANPA Foundation Co-President
Houston, TX  

(* Executive Committee members)

Email may be sent to board members at:

NANPA Office Staff:

Executive Director - Susan Day

NANPA Board Meeting Minutes:


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